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The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking
The book was among the first to explain Bitcoin’s value proposition as the hardest money ever discovered, affirming it was the only functional alternative to national central banks for international payments. It starts by setting the background of human monetary elements throughout history, which have all been technology-based, and directly responsible for the evolution of a thriving society. This is where Bitcoin comes along. The author explains it as the first form of digital cash and digital hard money that has been successfully implemented so far. It is comparable to a digital form of gold that comes with a settlement infrastructure. Now that the historical relevance of Bitcoin has been set, the book moves on to the most useful section for Bitcoin enthusiasts, a complete guide to answering the most basic Bitcoin-related questions from how they work, whether are they worth it, mining, and more.
The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains
Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are all the rage now but, for the uninitiated, this could be quite a difficult industry to grasp. This book seeks to be an accessible guide to this new currency as well as to the revolutionary technology that powers it. From buying, selling, and mining Bitcoin, to making payments and keeping transactions secure. It also has useful information about blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, and regulations. Everything you might need to go from a Bitcoin newbie to a future investor in the making.
Bitcoin Billionaires
Ben Mezrich is an American best-selling author with a career spanning 19 years and a solid presence on the New York Times bestselling lists. Bitcoin Billionaires follows the true story of identical twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss after their known legal battle with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The duo takes their own road to bet on cryptocurrency and ends up becoming one of the industry’s strongest figures. A wild and unpredictable ride of how Tyler and Cameron became the first Bitcoin billionaires.
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