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You have 3 options when it comes to purchasing bitcoins online in Canada.  You can either buy them from a brokerage platform, a digital currency exchange or individual sellers through an online marketplace of individual buyers and sellers.

Brokerage platform gives consumers the opportunity to buy Bitcoin instantly with Interac e-Transfer, Instant Debit, Interac Online and Flexepin Vouchers.

Interac e-Transfer is a convenient email-based method to send money directly from your bank account to as the recipient via your online or mobile banking. Almost all Canadian Banks and Credit Unions offer Interac e-Transfer. The minimum amount per order is $250 and the daily maximum is $5,000.

Instant Debit is where you login to your online banking over a secure payment gateway for instant authorization and debit of funds from your bank account to as the merchant. Instant Debit is compatible with CIBC, Scotia and Simplii Financial chequing and savings account holders with access to online banking.

Interac Online is where you use your bank card/account to instantly debit funds online for your payment. It’s only compatible with TD and participating credit union bank cards without a Visa or MasterCard logo on them.  The minimum amount per order is $50 and the daily maximum is $2,500.

If your client card or bank is not compatible with any of the aforementioned payment methods, the next best option is to purchase a Flexepin voucher which can by redeemed on for Bitcoin.

You can purchase Flexepin vouchers online at with Interac e-Transfer or Visa/MasterCard debit to redeem on our site for Bitcoin.

You may also purchase Flexepin vouchers at any Canadian Tire Gas bar, Hasty Market, Daisy Mart or at 4,000+ other locations nationwide. Locate the nearest Flexepin retailer here:

Vouchers bought in-store are issued from the retailer’s main POS Debit Terminal which also issues phone talk/text top-ups for Rogers, Telus, Bell and Chatr. Ask the cashier to select from F-L, Flexepin will be the first option. Retail Locations:

How does it work?

On the “Buy Bitcoin” page of you enter the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to buy or the dollar amount that you would like to process your transaction for. You are then prompted to enter a Bitcoin wallet address you want to send the Bitcoin to followed by your phone number for mobile PIN verification. Once you are verified, simply follow the steps the site guides you through and then press “Pay”, which will then process your payment and send your Bitcoin. It’s that easy!

For those of you that would rather buy bitcoin directly from another person, you should try They are a global marketplace that allow you to buy from sellers, locally, with a variety of payment methods that include cash in person, Interac e-Transfers, Western Union, PayPal and many others, all on

To protect you against fraud and provide peace-of-mind when conducting an online transaction, uses escrow to take the bitcoins you have reserved from the seller’s account and hold on to them until the seller releases.  If you have in fact paid and the seller does not release for some reason, you can file a dispute and LocalBitcoins will resolve it for you.  So hang on to your receipt! is the best service to use for those who want bitcoins almost instantly.  Follow image below to get your FREE account.