The NFT Handbook: How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens

This is a practical and detailed guide on creating, selling and buying NFTS, also called non-fungible tokens. You no longer need to be an expert or even have a technical background, this guide has got your back. From the history of NFTs to why exactly they are valuable and how to profit from them, this book has got it all. You’ll also learn about blockchain and the NFT marketplaces because, as you’ll see, they are all connected. In the selling section, the guide will take you through the process of creating a collection, how to set a price, and even starting your own auction. In the buying section, you’ll learn how to bid and purchase NFTs while avoiding scams, and that’s not all. The book also covers blockchain, the Ethereum cryptocurrency and “gas” fees, with tips on creating your own crypto wallet to store your NFTs and cryptocurrencies.



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